Anyone can hate. It costs to love♥


You're my good, my bad, and my perfection.™|| Summer baby☼.|| Love is learning ❀. || Taken by my handsome soul mate, Daniel Lee.♡

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Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.

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Don’t stop until you’re satisfied. You want an explanation? Ask. You want to be successful? Work. Don’t settle for results you don’t want. Don’t stop until you’re satisfied.

(the best advice a teacher has ever given me)

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I think we all need an aggressively positive spider friend in our lives

aggressively positive spider

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I can relate to this

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the only thing you need to know about public school is that people go hard as shit during classroom jeopardy review games. there are no friends here

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Because lying to your kids about sex helps nobody. Telling them that sex is “only between mommies and daddies” is a lie that leads to confused, hormone charged teenagers. Telling them that sex is “only something that happens when two people love each other very much” is a lie that causes hormone charged teenagers to confuse “love” with “lust,” or “obsession.” It leads to leaps of logic like, “If I have sex with them, we must be in love.” Or worse- “If I love them, I have to have sex with them.” And how many teenage tragedies are based on that misconception?


I can relate to this


I can relate to this